beautiful indian ladies – by albi

beautiful indian ladies

by albi…..i love india also because of the population: beautiful boys, beautiful kids and specially: the beautiful indian ladies!

the beauty is in her outfit, her clothes, the hairs, the makeup and her eyes, i kind of mixture of good taste and a festival of colors!

have a look:

beautiful indian ladies - by albi

please click on the pictures below to see the slide show…

sometimes you see the mistrust in her eyes (to me), in fact life in india is very hard for ladies, a very dangerous place if you are not a man,

i don’t have to tell you bad stories from india which you can find easily in newspaper almost every week…

i feel very sad for them, and hope the future will change the condition of being a female in india.

but the taste of mixing makeup, well dressing, haircut and jewelry: the secret of their beauty is in the detail

i love it!

more pictures from india: here 

all pictures from beautiful southern india ladies and girls by albi with nikon d5

see you soon with more pictures by albi

a road trip to southern india with christope boisvieux 

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