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Nikon D4S
Objectif :	VR 70-200mm f/2.8G
Focale :	90mm
Mode mise au point :	AF-C
Zone AF :	Dynamique
Ouverture :	f/3.5
Vitesse d'obturation :	1/500s
Mode d'exposition :	M
Mesure :	Matricielle
Sensibilité :	Automatique (ISO 3200)

gay pride in paris 2014 part III – by albi

welcome again to the gay pride in paris edition 2014; rain doesn’t stops the gay pride: this year thousends of...
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Modèle :	Nikon Df
Objectif :	VR 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6G
Focale :	160mm
Mode mise au point :	AF-S
Ouverture :	f/16
Vitesse d'obturation :	1/4000s
Mode d'exposition :	M
Sensibilité :	ISO 200

black and white in uganda with nikon df and d4s

black and white from uganda, all informations about are on the bottom of the pictures have fun: please click on...
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001 kids from uganda

kids from uganda – by albi

uganda is one of the youngest country in the world; kids are everywhere, some familys have 7, eight or more...
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view of the abruzzes

abruzzes, adriatic coast and perugia by albi

after three days on the amalfi coast we passed by naples and cross the abruzzes mountains, still snow on the...
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from positano to amalfi

italy: the amalfi coast – by albi

may in italy! sunshine and the beautiful amalfi coast without lot of tourists, just before the summer season…by car we...
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more gay pride -paris 2014- by albi

more gay pride -paris 2014- by albi

some more pictures from the gay pride in paris 2014; we had a lot of fun preparing this gay pride...
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gay pride in paris 2014 - by albi

gay pride in paris 2014 – by albi

welcome to the gay pride in paris, edition 2014 with albi: not only gay, trans, bi or lesbian: all kind...
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birds, hippos and monkeys from uganda - by albi

birds, hippos and monkeys from uganda – by albi

more animals from my trip to uganda: birds, hippos, crocos, monkeys and more…. i just regret that i had not...
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by albi

lemon tree?..?? no! lions in the tree!! – by albi

the english accent in uganda is sometimes very difficult to understand: baads are birds and lions could be understood like...
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01 ouganda 22

it’s football time ! by albi

it’s football time ! 22 players in a football game, two teams and one referee… i will show you 22...
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