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from positano to amalfi

italy: the amalfi coast – by albi

may in italy! sunshine and the beautiful amalfi coast without lot of tourists, just before the summer season…by car we...
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more gay pride -paris 2014- by albi

more gay pride -paris 2014- by albi

some more pictures from the gay pride in paris 2014; we had a lot of fun preparing this gay pride...
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gay pride in paris 2014 - by albi

gay pride in paris 2014 – by albi

welcome to the gay pride in paris, edition 2014 with albi: not only gay, trans, bi or lesbian: all kind...
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birds, hippos and monkeys from uganda - by albi

birds, hippos and monkeys from uganda – by albi

more animals from my trip to uganda: birds, hippos, crocos, monkeys and more…. i just regret that i had not...
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by albi

lemon tree?..?? no! lions in the tree!! – by albi

the english accent in uganda is sometimes very difficult to understand: baads are birds and lions could be understood like...
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01 ouganda 22

it’s football time ! by albi

it’s football time ! 22 players in a football game, two teams and one referee… i will show you 22...
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tracking the gorilla in uganda – by albi

It seems to be easy to track the gorilla in uganda; just buy a ticket and join a group… but:...
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les hommes à cuba (2) – by albi

this is the soldier who walked over a land mine…I hope I helped him a little bit… he lost it...
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girls, women and ladies from cuba – by albi

girls, women and ladies have something special in cuba, a warm smile, always ready to be photographed, lovely colors and...
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vignales cuba – by albi

back again in cuba, this time we in vignales, the place of cigars in cuba, a little town, very easy...
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