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my wife has a green hand - help!-karibu to my home

my wife has a green hand – help!

my wife has a green hand – help! karibu to our home, the home of pictures-by-albi, as you can see...
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colors welcome !

colors of istanbul by albi

colors of istanbul by albi istanbul is plenty of colors, these colors are waiting for you! st sophie, the blue...
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true mind at gay pride paris june 2015

gay pride in paris – by albi

gay pride in paris – by albi let’s have a little relax with pictures from the gay pride in paris,...
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please look at our pride paris

look at my shoes! – by albi

the last saturday of june in paris: it’s time for the gay pride! freedom and liberty, real liberty! in many...
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pictures-by-albi, will show you my Facebook from turkey

facebook from turkey-by albi

another facebook post, this time from turkey, pictures-by-albi shows you different faces, different lives from cappadocia to istanbul; there are two...
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kiss from istanbul; a very friendly place

big kiss from istanbul – by albi

big kiss from istanbul or better: « stin polin » which means « the city »; the grec gave this name to istanbul… funny...
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cappadocia trip

my cappadocia trip

welcome to « my cappadocia trip », 1 hour 15 by plane from istanbul, just south east and we arrived in cappadocia,...
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meeting air at Cerny / La Ferté Alais-by albi-2015

love is in the air – by albi

23-24 mai 2015 one of the most important « air-meeting » in europe was hold in france at cerny-la ferté-alais, close to...
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the garage again-by albi

tribute to nola – by albi

tribute to nola – by albi some souvenirs from last automn in nola, starting at oak alley plantation ( 1...
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la patrouille de france: match 0.86 alphajet

meeting air at cerny-by albi

hello my friends! air meeting in france, at « cerny – la ferté – alais », 50 miles south of paris, one...
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