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love is in the air – by albi

23-24 mai 2015 one of the most important « air-meeting » in europe was hold in france at cerny-la ferté-alais, close to...
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tribute to nola – by albi

some souvenirs from last automn in nola, starting at oak alley plantation ( 1 hour west of nola) where still...
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la patrouille de france: match 0.86 alphajet

meeting air at cerny-by albi

hello my friends! air meeting in france, at « cerny – la ferté – alais », 50 miles south of paris, one...
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somebody sees your fish

moments of live in ethiopia – by albi

during our road trip in ethiopia some pictures of moments of live in ethiopia: a simple live in the countryside,...
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ethiopia: on the road

ethiopia: on the road – by albi

ethiopia isn’t small, so we made a long trip on the roads from addis to debre libanos; debrezeit; ziway; awassa;...
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2500 iso

high iso: jean-paul gauthier by albi

the beautyful exposition in paris of jean-paul gauthier, seen by albi with my nikon d4s; from 100 to 20 000...
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more girls from ethiopia by albi

more beautiful girls from ethiopia, they always have a smile and like to look to the camera. ethiopia is a...
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beautiful girls from ethiopia-by albi

beautiful is subjective, but ethiopia is « the place » of beauty (boys and girls). be objective and have a look: please...
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this is the vr70-200 2,8: no photoshop but f/5.6

beautiful boys from ethiopia – by albi

boys can be beautiful, very beautiful! specially in ethiopia; they are also very proud and like to be taken for...
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kids from ethiopia and the airbus a380- by albi

hello! next you can discover more pictures from ethiopia: this time the kids are the stars of my pictures. i...
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