schönbrunn vienna – more than a castle

schönbrunn vienna – more than a castle

inside the castle of schönbrunn you can’t take any picture….the place is full of chinese tourists, as usual…..if you travel you can not be without them today !, ok, but you even can not move, you visit the castle like you swimm in a river… it’s too crowdy, and by the way: what for? so i will show you the essential of schönbrunn: the garden …full of green walls with all the different peoples from all over the world…just beautiful

schönbrunn vienna - more than a castle

please click on the pictures below to see the slide show…

green walls, people from all over the world, vienna is not only schönbrunn, a “sissi” castle, it’s a real nice place and

specially when you went there: don’t forget to have a rest and look around….

all pictures with nikon d5 by albi….thank you for your visit

and: vienna is really a place to visit, need culture? need more? you will really be surprised by this city !!

art, austria, colors, design, nikon d5, people, travel, vienna

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