china bicycle madness

china bicycle madness

yes madness!! this post is more a documentation about livestyle in china, not a photographic post…this year, my 12th or 14th trip to china  brought me to guangzhou, bejing and lanzhou

lanzhou is in the north of china with a muslim, tibet and china community in this city.

but this time i will tell you a story about bicycles….last year there was only SUV cars, some electric bikes and the poor working class had some old bicycles…this year,

china has more than 200 or 300 millions of bicycles more:

china bicycle madness

please click on the pictures below to see the slide show…

before china had bicyles, after bikes, cars and SUV.., now china has in one year, ONE YEAR !! bicycles everywhere, i mean: everywhere !! you can even not imagine what i mean…

china is big, very big, but you will find those internet bicycles in every steet in china, every 10 m you have some, all over the country, in guangzhou the gouvernment blocked more bikes, there are too much,

you can not even walk on the street, there are everywhere the new two wheels….

and what is funny and makes me very afraid: years ago i discouvered in china new things on the market, 6 month or one year ago they arrived in europe,

now we have the same bicycles in france today !! that means that the world has become so small that we even can’t follow the mouvement….

what to do with all those bikes on the street? how to clean the streets, how to walk?

crazy world !!! i discouvered that everything can now change in a year, in some month rules are totally changed, markets totally changed,

the world and the business can changed in some clics and some days….crazy !!!

see yous soon with picture from california…

thanks for passing by

at pictures-by-albi

…all pictures with leica q by albi

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