theyyam – indian culture and other religiouse stuff

southern india has the theyyam ceremony, “the untouchables” go into the fire, stay inside !! and get transformed into a kind of god person, after this god will give help and spirit to the village people….

difficult for us to see and understand this very old tradion from india:

theyyam - indian culture and other religiouse stuff

please click on the pictures below to see the slide show…

theyyam ceremony is hold from 6pm till 11am.

it takes all the night and all the village is in the temple.

they eat, sleep and talk, in the morning they go to consult the “god”

it’s in the area of KANNUR we have seen 4 differents theyyam.

you need a local guide to go to the place, alone it is impossible to find or see.

to prepair the theyyam it takes hours and hours.

they get into a kind of “trance”or “delirum” to be able to stay minutes inside of the fire.

that’s why i called it theyyam – indian culture and other religiouse stuff.

for me it’s more other stuff than real religion for me, a kind of “freak out” moment.

at COCHIN we saw on the beach the fighters of KALAMANDALAM

and the dansers of KATHAKALI at KANNUR

a very nice and interesting trip with photographes du monde 

with our guide christophe boisvieux

more pictures from india:  here

thank you for passing by, your feedback and see you soon with more pictures from pictures-by-albi

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