beautiful boys from kerala

beautiful boys from kerala

by visiting kerala in southern india, passing by munnar and cochin, take a boattrip in the “backwaters” the first you feel is that you are visit a very green country;

the ladies and girls are beautiful with big eyes and amazing hairs and dressed very colorful

but also the mens and boys are very beautiful and also proud to be an indian

they like to be on the picture and they let you feel that you are welcome in this beautiful country:

please click on the pictures below to see the slide show…

kerala is southern india, totally different from northern part, it’s a sub-continent!

tea plantation in the highlands, the backwaters is a kind of a floating forest: beautiful ! and a real relaxing place

everywhere we went he people are very friendly and it was very easy to make portraits from the younger or older boys

the reason? the are just all pround of themselve, everybody is a actor infront of my lens,

they feel free to be themselve, totally different from europeen people infront of a camera

thank you for passing by and looking on my blog

all pictures by albi with nikon d5

see you soon @pictures-by-albi

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