relaxing transport solution in india by albi

during my travel to india i was dreaming about “relaxing transport solution in india“:
everything is easy in india, living, working, taking a train, motocycle, car, bus ….but only when you like to be surrounded by many, many people!
have a look to my pictures taken in southern india.:
relaxing transport solution in india by albi

please click on the pictures below to see the slide show…

living in india isn’t easy, for me everything seems to be very complicated in this country.
too much people, too much noise, too much spicy food, too much everything!
and when i see all those eyes, looking to me from the bus, i feel that many things in europe are much more easy compared to living in india…

we just don’t realise it! (we also have crowded transport, but i speak also about quality of air, noise and traffic jam….

all pictures by albi with nikon d5…thank you very much for passing by and your feedback!
india, nikon d5, on the road, people, street, transport, travel

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