cuba street impressions

cuba street impressions
by albi; strolling in the streets of havana, santa clara, cienfuegos or vignales is looking in the past, old colorful houses, people have time, oh yes: they have a lot of time; it’s a relaxing time in the streets of cuba
cuba street impressions

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walking around in the streets of cuba gives you the feeling beeing back in the “good” old times, not everything is perfect, buildings are broken, the main word is “improvisation”

yes, improvisation with everything, how to fix a broken window, toilette, roof, and and and…

also “time”, people seems to have endless time….

when you go outside of the city you will see endless lines, many people wait for a bus for hours, the main problem is transport, but i will not talk about the nasty time of life in cuba.

just bring some impressions of the streets in cuba; what do you think? will you go back, are you ready for the old times?

all pictures by albi with nikon d5

countryside, cuba, nikon d5, on the road, people, street, street art, transport

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