cuba, land of cigars by albi

cigars from vinales in cuba, travel to the place of tobacco…

our guide in cuba was a specialist in cigars from cuba,

so this post is about how to make a real cigare, first have a look:

cuban lady in havana

please click on the pictures below to see the slide show…

vinales, east of havana is the capitol of cigars,

all is made by hand, all leaves are totally nature, there is only tobacco in a cigare…

our guide has his favorite cigare: cohiba robusto supreme, we smoke those always everyday, it’s a 30 euros cigare and matching with a rhum from cuba it’s just perfect!

they dry the tobacco leaves in a house just next to the fertile red soil fields, after they are choosed by ladies in the tobacco factory, they put off the middle veins, pack the choosen leaves and send to the final tobacco factory.

you need 3 different leaves: the outside leave, the flavor leaves and also a leave to burn it well; did you know that it’s like wine and the older they get, the better they are? smoking a cigar in vinales is also a “bring back to good old times”, you have plenty of time in vinales, time is almost standing still in this part of the world, it’s a slow motion living place.

cigars from vinales cuba by albi, all pictures with nikon d5, mostly inside of the leaves drying house i need to get up till 7000 or more, it’s pretty well to have the d5 with me !

thanks for your feedback, and if you need a real tobacco guide…please contact me, i will give you the adresse of William, our guide

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