street art lisboa – seen with the eye of albi

street art lisboa – seen with the eye of albi

another city, another country: lisboa, portugal….a real street art city, grafitti everywhere, but not everything is art, not everything is nice and with taste; but strolling around the city is discovering around the corner some beautiful paintings….have a look:

street art lisboa - seen with the eye of albi

please click on the pictures below to see the slide show…

the fact is: lisboa has beautiful and amazing art paintings, but just next there are streets full of grafitti without any relation of art… (in my eyes); i am not a specialist in grafitti or art painting but for me it’s just ugly!

discover the street art in lisboa, specially close to the lx factory is really worth the trip, but seing the famouse old streetcars full of tags and overloaded by “paintings” is really a shame…..i am sorry but not anything is art and too much will kill the nice shape of this town.

another word about tourists and travelling: when you really want to have a nice and cool trip to lisboa…..try october till march, because it’s just overloaded of touristes during the summer season and you are almost never be alone; worse: you are surrounded only by touristes! this is really a big problem, for the city and for the people living in this city and for the future, i will try to make a special post about this new way of “too much travelling” soon…

all pictures by albi with nikon d5 and mostly with my leica q….

see you soon with more pictures from lisboa by albi

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