christophine in india-professional photographer

first of all: don’t take care about my hairs, i would love to have such nice curls on my head…perhaps after my next reincarnation??

just another trip takes me to my lovely india to explore once again “the relationship between man and the sacred”. this is one of my favorite hobby and helps me to find answers to the eternal question: buddha light’s ?

remember: me, christophine;  more the gaze dwells on it, the more the truth of the situation comes out

in search of this simple and serene truth which is that of the poets i will let you take part of my trip with albi from delhi to varanasi which ended not only by twisted minds but also with a twisted finger, but this is another story….

stairways to heaven.....

please click on the pictures below to see the slide show…

hope you liked my winks, these warm snaps dull and delicate humanism i tried to bring to you with my pictures from india, it’s a poop that with photoprints you can not hear my strong indian english accent! i also have to say a great thank you to albi who took care of me during this trip…. my main question after this trip with albi is still: when did he finally becomes an adult ???

all pictures by albi, this trip was organized by:

with a very friendly, perfect and sympathetic guide and photographer:

disclaimer: professional photographer is just the title, albi still remain to be very unprofessional by taking pictures


countryside, india, nikon d5, on the road, people, travel

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