do not mind, today is holi !

bura na mano holi Hai !

that means: do not mind, today is holi !

holi is a festival that welcomes the bright and the colorful spring season. it is also a full-moon day and is celebrated in the month of “phalgun” feb-march) of the hindu lunar calendar….let’s have a look at some pictures:

do not mind, today is holi

please click on the pictures below to see the slide show…

…houses are spring-cleaned (hihihihi, very funny, spring-cleaned houses are universal!)

but in fact it’s just another story about krishna and lord vishnu….i am going a bit lost in indian stories about krishna, putna, ganesh….

holi is a must see and a great party that you have to see “live”

with the crowd, the noise, the smell and the colors on your face… “do not play dirty holi” is the main word,

and in fact the ambiance is very friendly….even if you see only mens and boys on my pictures,

the girls are mostly locked-out with the family. before the main word was: do not mind, today is holi, but today people drink beer, smoke some ….and so the indian girls prefer to stay save at home….

we went one hour from matura to a small village, where they had holi in a temple.

the people from a small village defended their temple and the village next came to attack by words and songs their neighbors , so it was a kind of battle with water, colors and a lot of cry, when we went inside of the temple i thought my last day arrived !!

when you say “crowd” and when you say “india” i can tell you something: danger!!! the minutes before going up the stairs and pushed by hundreds of indian people inside of the temple was just amazing,

never before i have been pushed like this, in fact once i had been inside of the temple i needed twenty minutes to realize that i am still living…i don’t joke, i was happy not to fall, barfeet on the wet stone floor, this was a real moment of horror!

see you soon with more pictures from india on pictures-by-albi

thanks for passing by

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