sausalito…after golden gate turn right

sausalito…after golden gate turn right

since a long time i wished to visit sausalito, a small town just behind a right turn after the golden gate bridge,

located infront of san francisco..where you can find in the harbour some house boats where you can still smell the spirit of 1968:

sausalito...after golden gate turn right

please click on the pictures below to see the slide show…

you are definitly not in a trump voting area on those house boats, “not my president” is sometimes written in front of the doors,

the hippies have a very small place, but a very beautiful one!

all around you will find very expensive houses, too clean, too well painted,

sausalito is now like all other places in california: just too expensive!

i met this very friendly couple with her backpack and her two cats in sausalito, they travel around the states since 3 years, we spoke about cuba and travel,

they smoked grass, we laughed, and we had a wonderful conversation, travel will open your mind!

getting easy in contact with all kind of people is the positive thing in the usa.

all pictures with nikon d5 by albi…see you soon with more pictures from san francisco

california, colors, nikon d5, people, sausalito, street, street art

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