japan trip with leica q

japan trip with leica q

hanami in spring, japon is wonderful…a photo-tour with friends….tokyo, kyoto, hiroshima, shinkansen: the big and fast train,

so many things to tell, you can take interesting pictures on a road trip with the leica q and his fix lens 28mm,

all you need is to get the contact with the people to get more close…have fun with my pictures:

japan trip with leica q

please click on the pictures below to see the slide show…

a very nice time my second trip to japan, i would like to go back and stay 7 days more in kyoto, take my time in tokyo and have a drink

with brian at park hyatt to feel close to my favourite film: lost in translation!

you can be lost in japan, you can, and so many things to see, but also so less, sometimes you ask yourself: is that different?

it’s now a very small world, but japan is really different!

the main question is: travel with a 28mm fix lens? can you bring out some interesting pictures?

my answer: yes ! you just will change, move and try to get the perfect frame! and i discouverd to travel light, free and with a very different mind…

exit all zoom and heavy stuff, if i can give you an advice: change to a small, light camera!

see you soon with more pictures from japan…i also took with me my 5 kg equipment of nikon …pfffff

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