travel for humanitarian reasons to vegas

travel for humanitarian reasons to vegas….yes it’s a joke and remember:

it is only with the heart that one can see rightly;  what is essential is invisible to the eye

travel for humanitarian reasons to vegas-the essential is invisible to the eye

perhaps you are laughing,but i do not!

is she ugly? is she beautiful?

i don’t care: the essential is invisible to the eye !

please click on the pictures below to see the slide show…

first of all: all pictures with my leica q;

but las vegas is not only bling-bling, shows, money, beautiful, magic, light….

there is also dark and real darkness!

there are many people in the street waiting to get a dollar or two, singing more or less well…

some are dressed, or mostly un-dressed, the more they look crazy the more they have a chance to earn

a dollar, sometimes two…i asked the girl on the “top-picture” how much i need to pay to take a picture with her;

she said: give whatever you want…!!! (that makes me sad)

isn’t that sad? how can you do a “job” like that…. and it was really freezing outside !!

i feel sad for the people and also i feel sad about me and my american dream,

my american dream was freedom, future, work, positive things and..

the more i get old, the more i see the real american way of living and i think to myself:

welcome to the beautiful life in the “old world”, yes we aren’t so bad in our “old” world,

and the next “trump-generation” need more than a kennedy, luther-king or a michael moore

…so let’s go back to the french writer antoine de saint-exupéry, read again the little prince

and remember:

it is only with the heart that one can see rightly;  what is essential is invisible to the eye

see you soon with more pictures by albi and sorry for this “political” post, but when you have a dream of america and you realize

that you are in the wrong “train” you need to tell it !

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  • Dear Albrecht,

    great shots as usual. They remind me a lot of good memories and a lot of fun. All the pictures are very good: good framing, good composition and a lot of emotions. I love the way you felt Las Vegas. That is very interesting. Next time I go there, i will see the streets differently for sure.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I love that. Please keep the good job.


    • Hello amar,
      thanks for passing by; and merci for the compliments
      see you soon for more pictures, fun and emotions


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