my name is victoria

my name is victoria,

let me introduce myself: normally a bit overdressed and overeducated,

(thanks oscar w.) my motto is “i know how to handle you all”

this time i let all my beautiful outfits at home, even my special nye white dress!

i am from sydney – australia, but i am not from the outback…

nobody can take pictures from me, i will never gave the permission!

i am the boss, always,  i was so happy to meet albi and together

we went to the grand canyon, far away from the basketball stadiums and did great pictures:

nice landscapes, nice ladies needs nice seats, and red is first class...

please click on the pictures below to see the slide show…

hope you liked the pictures from monument valley, brice canyon and grand canyon, but my favorite place was this fabulouse place called antelope!

“Tsé bighánílíní dóó Hazdistazí in navajo language”

the colors are just stunning, a very nice place to visit in arizona, all i missed in monument valley was my daily margerita: in fact it’s a “dry” country and we had to do 200 miles to get some o/oo stuff !!

hope i can make my next trip with albi to tokyo, osaka and kyoto…i wish i can do it ! my alzheimer beginning makes me such suffering…! he called me jelly mind; isn’t that ugly?

sometimes i hate albi ! he can be very smart and funny, but sometimes he switch over the border, but i can handle that…

all pictures are taken with albi’s nikon d5, he said he arranged them a bit with lightroom….don’t you think i am cute? that flatters me a lot !

(thank you so much albi to have shown me from my best side)

it was a pleasure for me to share with you my trip with albi and “merci” of looking by and see you soon, very soon for more pictures…..

by the way, if you are on a cruse ship to new zealand: please give me a wink and make handsigns !!

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  • How fortunate you are Albi to have had the privilege of photographing such a wonderful, unique and awe inspiring female. Everyone must be so envious of you.

    • hello TT, thanks for looking at my blog, yes i am still in 7th heaven thinking back to those wonderful landscapes, ( i am talking about monument valley or grand canyon and not victoria)
      she was quiet fun and gave those unique background to my pictures, i think we will be a good team in japan…see you soon xxx


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