10 hours a day infront of a screen

10 hours a day infront of a screen ! today i read in my favorite newspaper that we all spend 10 hours a day infront of a screen,

perhaps it’s just another newspaper story, but yes, we spent some hours a day on the screen,

and even when you are at monument valley or the grand canyon: people are behind or infront of a screen:

smartphones everywhere by albi

please click on the pictures below to see the slide show…

smartphones everywhere! in fact today when you go somewhere in the world you will find smartphones, selfies and chinese tourists.

they stop at attractions for 5 or 10 minutes, take the pictures by phone, mostly with a selfie stick and go to the next place…just in time, just a clic, another clic and run, run, run!

paris, monument valley, switzerland, cappadocia: all the same, chinese, japonese, smartphones and cellphones…..

on a picture up you can see three kids close to “horseshoe bend”, did the parents (they placed them for a picture) realized that 2m behind her kids could fall 300m down???

How many people died last year by doing a selfie?

is this world still turning around correctly? i think we have to go disconnected and find another way of living,

by beeing connected all the time we will follow like sheeps the same story, and stop beeing ourselves….

we need to think about it and to change! what do you think?

all pictures by albi with nikon d5 and leica q……. see you soon with more pictures from las vegas and arizona

arizona, countryside, details, kids, leica q, nikon d5, people, selfies, travel

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  • Dear Albrecht,

    What a pleasure to read that text and to watch your pictures. I know your sense of talking incredible pictures with people. The best one for me will remain the one you take of the yound Navajo in Monument Valley. It was so cold. But the parents were so proud to have their kids photographed by a good photographer.
    For me it was a pleasure to see you having fun to photograph them. Great souvenir!!!

    Even if I never take people with my camera, I am always inspired by your photographs. You have a very special way to see what I do not see. The best example is certainly the famous day when you saw a head in a rock. I went in front of that so many times during the last few years and I never saw anything except a big rock. You are a very surprising guy with very special eyes.

    Thanks for all you brought to me
    All my best for the future photo projects.

    • hello amar,
      thanks for your kind words, yes we shared so much nice memories,that was really an amazing trip and i will really recommande travelling with you: a great moment!! see you soon xxx


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