south ethiopian people by albi

south ethiopian people by albi:

on my way to the omo valley we stoped in a very small village and we meet on the road a family with their animals….

incredible 51200 iso 1/125 f/4

this picture up is with incredible 51,200 iso, 1/125-f/4- nikon d5 and 24-70mm (52mm here)

please click on the pictures below to see the slide show…

all pictures by albi with nikon d5, mostly with the 24-70mm f/2,8

it was a very interesting workshop in southern ethiopia, everywhere we meet people and different tribes, they opened us their homes and explained us all kind of questions we had, and always with a large smile, you see they always have a kalachnikov with them, mostly to protect her animals, i always feeled very save and say thank you to the very warm welcome we received…

workshop with better moments from denmark

my settings with the nikon d5 are all manual, iso automatic, getting the right focus with af-s, have a look to the iso with always small aperture…

see you soon with more different faces from omo valley

africa, countryside, ethiopia, kids, men, nikon, nikon d5, on the road, transport, travel, women

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  • Nice sensitive look at a part of the world that most over look. Good work Albi. Thank you for sharing.

    • thank you julian,
      yes ethiopia isn’t that famous for a travel destination, but for me one of the first photo destinations,
      if you pass in paris let me know –;)) !!


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