grand train paris 18e a new “bobo” place

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“grand train” at paris 18e: a new “bobo” place ?….outside a wall of tags, grafittis everywhere, a “black forest” restaurant offers african food (even me couldn’t find better name) and suddenly: the grand train, have a look:

this is art !!! not the picture: the wall...

please click on the pictures below to see the slide show…

first of all: all pictures are with my new leica q, a full frame camera with a fix lens, the 28mm, f/1;7, the “clic”: you don’t even hear it…you take the pictures very close, but you are not seen like a photographer…..

the place: grand train, (big train) is an old railway repair station in the 18th district of paris, rue ordener, open till 16th of october, it’s not the place tourists choose to discover the “romantic paris”, mostly north african or arabs lives in this area, it’s save and everybody seems friendly, but: you never know…

now, at the entrance you can buy bio food, all restaurants are gluten free and you feel like in berlin or new york, bobo’s everywhere, kids plays, long-chairs waiting for the sun, happy hour: far away from the social conflict in france: just another world…feel free to visit: me i like !! and thanks for all the staff they worked on this project; everbody is so friendly !!!

by the way: what do you think about the leica q pictures? (some are made just to show the place to you)

see you soon with more pictures from ethiopia, soon on my blog

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