from addis to the omo valley

from addis to the omo valley: a photo trip with steve mccurry, looking for pictures of different ethiopian people with interesting faces:

a new generation ! a kind of bling-bling --;))) iso 2000, but i guess you prefer her phone nr...

please click on the pictures below to see the slide show…

after a day in addis feeling not very well (addis is 2700 m high) we took the plane to arbaminch (1h) and after by car we joined the omo valley (300km) to go to turmi, there might be the edge of the world, you feel back 100 of years, people just live in the fields with some animals, a kalachnikov, one t-shirt, perhaps a pair of shoe, but a big, big smile!

since ever on this place, one of the only once on earth, you have to pay your pictures and people here count the “clicks”; i think people like hans sylvester or others build up their studio “in the middle of nowhere” and since that time you have to pay…

after a time of reflection i agree now and often it was very interesting to be with friendly people in a town, full of “mannequins”, it’s their business and if you would like to put them in a perfect light on the right place you will find here a real “workshop-place” which you can not find somewhere else.

with steve it wasn’t the object to “shoot” as much as we can, but to find few, interesting looking people and the photograph them in the best way we could, and that’s quiet different: how much people you took in full sun-light, far away, with bad background….???

here you can “work” photographic…

thanks for your visit and see you soon for more faces of ethiopia

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