the 104 in paris, a place of art

with my new nikon d5 i will show you the “104” in paris, located in the 18th district of paris, photo expositions, street dance, art, creative people and a smell of art and a real cool place, a kind of must go place in paris:

paris, le 104, a place of art- iso 1250

please click on the pictures below to see the slide show…

located in the 18th district of paris, rue d’aubervilliers, you smell the quiet ambiance, dancing, acrobats, theatre, playing people, no noice, no stress, beautiful building, light, you feel it is paris, you are not in the suburb, not in the country, paris is different, you smell it, when visiting paris, you can see that the melting pot you liked from new york can be able in france….i feel good!

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thanks to my nikon d5, it’s not easy to be a perfect partner with a new camera…we will deal with it

france, kids, nikon, nikon d5, paris, people, street, street art

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