snapshots from india

snapshots from india

snapshot from india

hello my friends, some snapshots from india, hope you like! in some situations when you travel you only have a few seconds to make “the” shot, i always work in manual mode with iso automatic… also i try to be always “ready” for the next picture, that means i will be in a 1/250s with an aperture of 5,6, single shot and AF-S.

have a look:

please click on the pictures below to see the slide show…

thank you for visiting my snapshots from india,

some pictures taken during my trip to pushkar and varanasi in india: you will come back without a different mind, different opinions

travel to india will open your mind, most things will hurt you first, but some days after, back home,  you will have a different judgment about other people, other countries and think about your own way of living: india will change your mind!

if you want to see really something different, new and beautiful: travel india !!

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