hong kong and macao by albi

hong kong and macao by albi

sweet suzanne with the famouse chinese actor “xiaoming, huang

suzanne and the star from china: xiaoming, huang

in two days, it’s short but with my best chinese friends, sweet suzanne and hugo it’s always very funny! the picture up you see suzanne with the most famouse chinese actor, xiaoming, huang “so handsome” like suzanne even welcomes french boys in the elevator bringing us up to the amazing ozon bar, the highest bar in the world: hong kong 400m about sea level, all pictures with my nikon df and my “swiss knife” for travel: the 28-300mm

please click on the pictures below to see the slide show…

hong kong people don’t like chinese people, and they let you konw if you take a taxi, macao we arrived by speedboat, another world of gambling just like las vegas, it’s hot and the casinos are so huge that you couldn’t see the end of the gambling room, huge, big, just out of my consideration of space, everything seems to me just too big, to full, too expensive, too high, people are crazy here but they let you feel that’s it’s just her way of living.

all pictures by albi

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