living india-by albi

living india- by albi

this time i will give you more informations aboutliving india: nikon df 1/10s f/3,8 - 12800 iso "handhold" by valérie

my pictures taken with my nikon equipment:

during the two weeks i spend in pushkar and

varanasi; next on the right my wife took this

pictures with my nikon df and the 28-300mm3/5-5/6g

1/10s –  f/3,8 – 12800 iso: handheld !!



living india: all is handmade, far away from "just in time"

on the camel market in pushkar,

1/1250s f/4,5 vr 28-300mm iso 320

often in india you don’t need a shop,

no need a seat or a table, just sitting on the ground

and do your business…living india:

all is handmade, far away from « just in time »



dogs are everywhere in town,

they sleepliving india: still live (nature morte) with dogs at any place, in the middle of the street, i just read in « national geographic » that india has every year over 30 000 000 bites of dogs and 50 000 people are killed every year after infections from dog bites: is that possible today???

nikon df, 28-300mm 1/500s – f/11 – iso 320

« still live (nature morte) with five dogs »



living india: six pack on two wheels

« six pack on two wheels », no helmets, no security

they have other standards…




living india: a towel isn't a helmet, but who cares?

all the family is on the motocycle,

four, and four without helmets, the smallest

just has a dust protection, looks like a towel:

d4s + 70-200 1/1250 f/6,3 iso 1250



about dust protection: living india

living india: dust and pollution is more than a problemis living with dust and smog,

it looks like nobody cares, in fact

it’s just impossible to accept for us!

d4s + 24-70mm 1/640s f/4

iso 200



living india: take a shower at the railway stationrailway station of varanasi, this water station is normally to fill up the railway with « fresh » water, but you can also use it for a private shower, nobody cares in india « everything is possible »

1/250s f/4 nikon d4s + 24-70mm



living india, feeling save the dogs are sleeping, they don't care


feeling save: the dogs are sleeping in the middle of the street, they don’t care…animals are everywhere and they « do » everywhere…

« dog slalom in india »




living india: steetfood the boss don't look satisfied



nikon d4s: 1/40 f/3,5 3600 iso

evening in pushkar, preparing street food, the boss doesn’t agree….

« doing better next time »





living india: colors everywhere


colors everywhere, proud people, they love when you take a picture

the market looks good, but we didn’t find any lemons…no lemons in india !!

1/250s f/3,2



living india: the weel of bamboo juice


1/60s f/8 nikon d4s 70-200

« the weel of bamboo juice »

I did ten pictures to got his eye and his hand..







living india: you are never alone in india

1/160 f/8.. you are never alone in india, streets: full, the town: full, railway station: full, people are everywhere and that’s one of the reasons why you feel so good falling in the evening in your bed…alone with « almost » no noice: i had sleepless nights in india with music and dogs, if somebody could tell me: how can support the indien people it?



living india: girls and boys are are separate, even in restaurants


in india you will see often groups only with boys and groups only with girls, even boys hand in hand, i saw in a restaurant a couple eating together but masked behind a tissue, they will never walk hands in hands




living india: open air transport system


open air transport system,

don’t forget: you are different, everybody is watching you !




living india: save Ganga-clean Ganga: you better pray...


save ganga-clean ganga: you better pray for a clean ganga…

this holly man was on a ghat at ganga river in varanasi early in the morning

you can take pictures, you better also give him first some rupis, business is business




living india: dogs everywhere


ladies are always well dressed,

« dogs don’t care »

if i will be reborn in a dog:

i will live india!



living india: the more they clean the more of dust you breath


1/800s – f/7,1 35mm with the 24-70mm

sometimes they clean, here close to the ghat where people join directly nirvana, burning on the ganga river, but cleaning like this means: dust everywhere…



living india: welcome to cable city

1/250s f/3,2 – 800 iso – 24-70mm

welcome to cable city, electric cables are all over the sky







living india: on the ganga river at varanasi


1/500s – f/8 – 200-500 f/5;6g

on the ganga river, varanasi, the other side of the river

always with a smile, he helped us to join the boat, i gave him some rupis, but is that enough ??

…feeling like: you could make more…i am sorry





living india: don't move in this situation!

1/1000 – f/4,5 – 70-200mm

« don’t move in this situation »

haircut, barber shop at pushkar camel fair, all is open air service, need a chair and a mirror and business is ready for action




living india: pushkar, everybody is ready for a picture


1/640 f/3,5 – 24-70mm

« everybody is ready for the picture ? »

kids are so friendly, it’s like a game,

just for fun ! thanks india !!




living india: something very important in india = water



something very, very important in india:

water, for europeen: clean water, we have been eleven in our groupe, ten have been sick during our stay, so you better look for clean water !




living india: far away from iso 9001



« far away from iso 9001 »

almost every building, every construction is just out of western « standard »




living india: sometimes you need a rest


sometimes you need a rest




living india: at the ganga river in varanasi

at the ganga river in varanasi, every evening for the thousands of indian tourists there will be hold a religious ceremony

125s – f/3,2 – 70-200mm – 2000iso

please click on the pictures below to see the slide show…

all pictures are with the mode « iso-auto », i chose the aperture first, than the speed and at the end i have a look at the iso and i change in case if it doesn’t fit in « my mind »,

for most street-shots i prepare before, so i can take most pictures like a « snapshot »

you arrived to the end of this post, just a little question:

what do you think about informations about the pictures:

do you need the time, aperture, camera informations, iso, lenses?

is it important or you don’t care?

thank you about your feedback, also do you prefer this post style, or you better see directly the pictures in a large size?

see you soon with more pictures from china, india and soon from prague, and perhaps from patagonia, but a 15 hour flight: you have to think about it !

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