living and dying at the ganga river

living and dying at the ganga river

varanasi-last stop before nirvana!

my post today is about living and dying at the ganga river:

if you die in varanasi you will reach the moksha, the “release” and you join immediately nirvana

the ganga river provides water to 500 million of people, more than any other river in the world.
Today most people do not realize that nearly a million people living along the banks of the Ganga die each year due to illnesses caused by its polluted water…

varanasi (benares), one of the oldest cities in the world is at the ganga river:

living and dying at the ganga river

from all over dead people are burned directly on the ganga river to join nirvana directly….

please click on the pictures below to see the slide show…

in the past there have been guesthouses in varanasi for people who want to die, they stayed 2-3 days or a month till they died, but now gueshouses are replaced for tourists which have a “interest in religious matter” (so do i: sorry !)

pictures are taken at varanasi (benares) at the ganga river, this old city is a holy place with 16 000 temples and all kind of ceremonies, people come from over india to this place to wash their “problems” with the ganga water away…it’s nice to belive….

all pictures by albi with nikon d4s, and mostly the 70-200mm f:2/8

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