happy bling-bling 2016 from india

happy bling-bling 2016 from india…………….by albi

happy bling-bling 2016 from india

happy bling-bling 2016 from india:

pictures by albi wish you happy pictures and a very nice year 2016 !

why bling-bling from india?…i have never seen a country where poor, very poor ladies have no shoes, living with the strict minimum..but have a ring, or a bracelet, wearing a jewelry; you will never seen somebody without a bling-bling, even every man has a ring, proud of his beard, his hair or something else, a country of proud people!

in europe we have a “look”, in india they have a “look” and they are proud to be !

the picture next (in fact just a snapshot) shows you a lady, look at her arms, you can not add anything, bracelets everywhere, left and right arms are full of jewelrys and then: look at the proud husband: what a expression !!!

happy bling-bling 2016 from india

please click on the pictures below to see the slide show…

what do you think about happy bling-bling 2016 from india ?

a culture of being well dressed, being nice and attractive even when you have a small purse, in fact: purse is not the reason, it is a matter of taste, yes taste is the real word i would use first..

i love people with taste, no matter what they are and where they come from, we will call it bling-bling, it’s just a livestyle in india….all pictures by albi with nikon d4s

thanks for your feedback and again: happy new year and see you soon


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