china: which way will you take?

china: which way will you go?

china: which way will you take?

my last trip takes me to guangzhou, kunming, qujing, hong kong, macao…and every year i ask myself: china, which way will you go? can this country grow like in the past ten years, will cosumers buy and buy, will the buildings grow bigger and higher? i feel this year that the country make a rest, they are thinking about the green way, more holidays, less pollution.

only the future can tell if chinese traditions will change: a lot of work!

please click on the pictures below to see the slide show…

while travelling i let my d4s at home, and take my strict necessary:

nikon df and the 28-300; all pictures are taken with those tools, the light is often very difficult in china, pollution and smog didn’t help you to find the nice colors, but the smile of chinese people give me all i need; i love street photopraphy and outside europe i can take pictures like i want, inside of europe often i don’t find the faces which gives me the desire to take a picture….

see you soon with pictures from india; just a word: china is real holidays compared to india–;))

china: which way will you take?

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