Guan Yin at Mount Xiqiao, Guangdong, China

Guan Yin at Mount Xiqiao, china trip with pictures-by-albi nikon df and 28-300 f3,5-5,6g

on my way to guan yin:

my friends told me we see the biggest buddha statue in guangzhou, ok it was a 1h20 way by car, only to reach the entrance, but we had to cross the parc, (very nice) and take the cable car and walk again we reached guan yin….about 3 hours after start, but my chinese friends got now hungry….ordering chicken at the restaurant we got noodles, close to the buddha you can’t eat meat, i am still learning chinese way of living…

please click on the pictures below to see the slide show…

The 62-m statue is located in the city of Foshan, in China’s south eastern Nanhai district. It stands on a 15 m pedestal, bringing the total height up to 77 m (252 ft).

It is generally believed that the concept of Guan Yin, known in the west as the Goddess of Mercy, originated as the Sanskrit Avalokitesvara, her male form.

this is a copie from wiki…, just for your informations, as you can see at some the pictures, even 1 h away from guangzhou the smog is everywhere and the light to take pictures in china is very bad, but here you have to live with this-all pictures on my china trip with nikon df and the 28-300 f/3;5-5,6g

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