big kiss from istanbul – by albi

kiss from istanbul; a very friendly place

big kiss from istanbul or better: “stin polin” which means “the city”;

the grec gave this name to istanbul…

funny i think; but this 14 million city is very interesting, clean, nice with a lot of friendly people;

nice food and beautiful buildings, but like you know: i take mostly pictures of the visitors of the buildings, please note: but almost all veiled woman are tourists;

all pictures by albi with my nikon d4s….

please click on the pictures below to see the slide show…

thanks for you visit and see you soon with more pictures from turkey and istanbul;

thanks for your visit!

big kiss from istanbul, and another kiss to istanbul- stan polin

this trip was arranged by

istanbul, kiss, men, nikon d4s, people, street, street art, travel, turkey, women

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