fashion week in ethiopia – by albi

help: i have nothing to wear....the fashion week of ethiopia

my “fashion week in ethiopia”, seen by albi in a different way:

on the top: like all women: i have nothing to wear: help !!

fashion-week ***fashion-week***fashion-week***fashion-week***fashion-week***fashion-week

welcome to my fashion-week in ethiopia!

ok i am sorry, but fashion, wax and other over-dressed people are not often seen in the countryside of ethiopia; sometimes you feel sad – seeing people wearing clothes that we had given to the “red-cross” but the season doesn’t match!!

but i keep smiling like all ethiopian people and give you a warm welcome to my fashion week in ethiopia:

please click on the pictures below to see the slide show…


all pictures taken at the ethiopian fashion week by albi with the nikon d4s and mostly with the fab 70-200 f:2/8

but have a look:

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