facebook from china – by albi

everybody is happy to see a new post from albi:

facebook from china

facebook from china

pictures by….

shows you that

china has so many faces; we went to  the town called “fènghuang”

where you can see the “dong” and the “miao” and also the “tujia”

Miao (苗), Tujia (土家) and Dong (侗)

my friends are “han” see more next and enjoy:

please click on the pictures below to see the slide show…

all pictures by albi with the nikon df and mostly with the 28-300mm

thanks to the people from Miao (苗), Tujia (土家) and Dong (侗)

see you soon for more pictures from china

facebook from china – by albi

see more at:


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