AFS-Nikkor 28-300mm 1:3.5-5.6G

AFS-Nikkor 28-300mm 1:3.5-5.6G, by albi:

Hello! Why spending 6000 Euros more for a 200-400mm? Why to carry 4 kg more with you? The question is interesting, when you look on the pictures next; taken the same day – with a little bit more light. Not all are perfect, but I will show you also the problem with the autofocus, even with a D3X, the birds are just too fast: 1/400s – f/5.6 – 640iso (autofocus dynamique 51 points all pictures)

please click on the pictures below to see the slide show…

even with 1/640 s too slow …. 1/2500 s – f:/5.3 – iso 640 1/3200s f/5.6 210mm 1/400s – f/5.6 – almost, but can you follow this bird with a 200-400? 1/160 – f/5.6 – 640 iso – 300mm 1/400s – f/5.6 – “il y a du mouvement” – this pictures moves… 1/2000s – f/5.6 – couldn’t be better with a 200-400mm 1/2500 – f/5.6: birds need this speed if they don’t move 1/200 s … 1/4000s – f/5.6…all you need is light ! 1/640s – not enough to “froze” the bird… Thanks for your visit and tell me: need or not need spending 6000 Euros more for a 200-400 f/4? See you soon for some pictures from Switzerland….and  China….

nature, oiseaux

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