on the beach – fudji x-e1

on the beach – fudji x-e1

welcome my friends! now with the new fudji x-e1 i will try to make some black and white stuff; the autofocus isn’t that grat but a lot of fun with the pictures from antalya – turquie. Fudji x-e1 is a kind of back in the beginning of taking pictures; looking for, searching for…

please click on the pictures below to see the slide show…

from antalya – turkey

all pictures with fudji x-e1 in black and white

i was looking for a small camera for “every day” but if you are used to a srl-camera…

it’s not the way to take “real shots”, i sold my fudji quickly by ebay

and bought me a nikon df, a real srl, like in the good old days

thanks for your visit and your feedback

fudji, turkey

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