china first trip by albi (nikon d1x)

china-pictures-by-albi- nikon-d1x

china first trip

my first trip to China, ten years ago with the (now) old nikon d1x:

please click on the pictures below to see the slide show…

my first trip to China, with my first digital camera the nikon d1x

china, bejing, shanghai, the great wall, guangzhou, hanghzou

too much things to see in 10 days, so i had the feeling: i have to come back;

this year in 2015 i will turn back for the 10 th time, and still haven’t seen a lot:

this country is just too big, but i wish you can discouver it,

and also the people: we are afraid the first time, but in reality:

they aren’t so much different

go to china!!

– thanks for your visit !

china, travel

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