isle of skye – scotland

isle of skye – scotland

far away, at the edge of scotland there is an island called skye….

first off all: global warming? drought? no water? : fake news !!!

go to isle of skye – scotland and you will see: all that is fake news !

it’s humid, windy and a bit cold-the atmosphere is grey and the sky is full of clouds!

rain is present every day, in the morning and sometimes all day long

the water of today is the whisky of tomorrow…..

but: i will show you that if you look, you can see a lot of colors and if you take a bit whisky…

there are more and more colors….

all pictures by albi with the leica q2:

isle of skye - scotland

please click on the pictures below to see the slide show…

from edinburg to the isle of skye-scotland by car with the ferryboat, passing by broadford, portree and inverness.

a special mention to the corry lodge at broadford:

just very beautiful, nice, clean, friendly: perfect !!

yes, it was humid: we had rain every day, sometimes all day long

and they have mosquitos, called midges: isn’t that crazy?

walking on the grass …. it’s like walking on a sponge !!

the sea and the coast looks really wild and i asked myself sometimes:

how can you live so far away from everything? what to do all day long ?

in fact when you search a bit, you find very friendly people, a kind of a great village,

someone told me they even don’t lock their doors: there is no crime…

and : we have eaten always very good (isn’t it strange?)

breathing this fresh clean air gives you a taste of living different…nature is calling!

all pictures are taking with my leica q2, a small camera able to do almost everything, have a look and tell me…

but at the end i would like to know:

why there is in almost every garden a container? i mean a sea-shipped -container !!

they couldn’t fall from the sky! so what the hell are doing all those containers in the gardens of skye ???

if there is somebody who could give me the answer i would be very happy…

more pictures from isle of skye: here

see you soon with more pictures-by-albi ….

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