a place rich of culture: drawing, sculpture, music, writing, thinking, cooking, drinking…..

few places on earth have such a history: klimt, freud, schiele, mozart, and and and…

my modest pictures, yes: modest! will perhaps give you “the kick” to move yourself to go to vienna…have a look:


please click on the pictures below to see the slide show…

the first thing, arriving at vienna is the feeling of relax, different from other capitals.

you are”off”, off noice, off stress, off preasure; you enter in a relax zone.

coming from paris you feel: good!

it’s like entering the country side; to relax and enjoy all those places full of culture it’s just perfect this kind of “mental wellness”

perhaps for some of you it’s just too clean, just too well painted the buildings, no paper on the ground, all vehicules are going the right way…

no worry: you are in austria !

just in case:

all pictures by albi, thanks for your feedback, thanks for passing by…

see you soon with pictures from cuba… mmmmmmmmh: cuba, sun, cigars and music….

austria, details, history, leica q, nikon d5, people, street, travel

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