guangzhou by night

guangzhou by night ….  in black and white by albi …. 15 million people is the population of this city (i feel a lot more are living here) … during the day traffic, all those people and the noice is a real big stress factor, the climat is tropical and humide and in the night some people sleep outside on the street, not because they have no money, it’s just a king of relaxing, in the night.  the city comes down to relax, few cities on earth are as relaxing as guangzhou once the sun was going down….you can even walk in the darkest streets at night with your camera, there will be never a problem, it’s a real safe place and i think people are just happy to feel the fever coming down from the day….. on the perl river there is a kind of live karaoke competition every night, they love to dance, to sing and make music…..have a look:

guangzhou by night

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…..close to the shamian island (my favorite place in guangzhou)  there are plenty of places to stroll in the evening! you will find people sleeping in all positions you can imagine in the streets, just next someone sings a chinese opera with a television in the “ktv”,  the local karaoke way, some are eating, (chinese eat at all times), some are working in the night, the shops are open, there is just no “off and on”  like in europe…. also in the parcs like Liu Hua Hu Gong Yuan you can walk in the dark, shangxiajiu street, a stone’s throw away is full of life in the evening, street food, shops, restaurants ……. the day never ends in guangzhou ……all pictures by albi with leica….in fact this was my 12th trip to china…you want to see more? …have a look

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