holi festival: coloured faces everywhere

holi festival: coloured faces everywhere

in some states, holi is riotous fun, they make water fights, spray guns and water pistols, balloons filled up with coloured water….

in fact we got everything, everything on our clothes, faces and hairs! the colours in my hairs are still there since more than one month…my clothes ended in the trash, my shoes are still with all kind of colours…

holi festival: coloured faces everywhere

please click on the pictures below to see the slide show…

to see the real holi festival, we went close to “matura” a city south of “delhi”; we went to a small village where they celebrated the holi festival inside the temple, but also inside the small streets in the village….we also had holi in “varanasi”, but this is a bigger city and i can tell you that this is quiet different, from all windows, roofs or doors you can receive coloured water on your head, coloured powder or water bombs….it’s getting difficulte to move in those big “ghost cities”, all shops and restaurants are closed and some drunken people move around; i have seen tourists with pants totally wrapped off, covered all over with coloured powder and the only wish: doing back to the hotel room to relax a little bit….

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