budapest pictures – eastern europe

budapest pictures – eastern europe

more pictures by albi from budapest, infact two cities: buda and pest, in the middle the donau river, slow going life, many young people and beautiful architecture

budapest pictures - eastern europe

please click on the pictures below to see the slide show…

we went beginning of may, perfect for travel to budapest, long days and nice temperature, in the evening many young people in the parcs, a bit too much o/oo alcohol,

but we are in eastern europe and they drink really other quantities as i can ever imagine.

the big market is a must go place, also the donau river and all those real nice restaurants and bars!

also a must go are the thermes and spas, all around in the city, a real swimming and bath culture is celebrate in budapest, water is just everywhere and i remember

those two old mens playing chess inside the 38° C bath…. just lost in playing chess and the world around didn’t existe any more….

we took the bath just behind the “place of the heros”

see you soon with more pictures-by-albi and thanks for your visit!

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