japan today seen by pictures by albi

japan today seen by pictures by albi

april 2017 in japan, it’s hanami time, a country with very friendly people,

the hole life in japan seems to me “over-organized”, many people try to get out of the different dress codes and looks for a border line outfit,

i feel often that there is a daily preasure and the wish to break out, but on the other side i appreciate the calme, the food, the gardens and the large sens of art; have a look:

japan today seen by pictures by albi--street-graphic, passing the lines

please click on the pictures below to see the slide show…

thank you for visiting  japan today seen by pictures by albi, this was my second trip to this nice country, full of uniforms, yes all kind of uniforms

fixed roules everywhere,  but also moments of happiness, on all pictures you see someone, without people japan isn’t the same to me,

japan lives with the japanese people, that’s why this country is so special !

fun and art, art of wearing a kimono, art of dressing food on the table, art of making a beautiful garden and also art of folding the paper, called origami…

i forget hundreds of other things…sorry!

thanks to fred and philippe from voyage passion photo http://www.voyagepassionphoto.com/

a nice photo-trip company! all pictures by albi with my nikon d5 and the small leica q, which is mostly perfect in street pictures.

See you soon with more picturesn next time from budapest and more

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