the masculine way of japon

the masculine way of japon 

another story by albi; …yes: men are  different to the girls and ladies here in japon !

while the femina style in japon is a kind of manga doll, a distinguished lady (rare)

or somebody in the crowd…

the masculine way in japon is 99% totally normal or 1% very, very strange:

the masculine way of japon-some try to be different

please click on the pictures below to see the slide show…

a trip to japan don’t let you indifferent ! how can you being fixed by all those rules?

why do you cross in the subway all those guys withe ties and black suites?

thousands, millions of black ties…and suddently a total different guy, red, yellow, green hairs…just out of the crowd !!

a kind of break out, i understand him! it isn’t easy to live in this world !!! but for a tourist like me:

you leave and you stay with hundreds of questions…alone and nobody can give you an answer!

in the depth of my heart i wish to go back to japon and find someone who could give me a real answer:

is there somebody to help me?

thanks for passing by and thank you for your feedback

see you soon with more pictures from japan and budapest


the masculine way of japon

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