the art of being a japonese lady

the art of being a japonese lady – by albi:

it’s hard to find only one definition, first of all: they are different by the way they walk,

(i sell shoes and i can just see on their shoes and their way of walking that they didn’t come from any other country)

the way they dress up (or down), her smile, quietness, being absolutly reserved and suddenly wake up with a joke or a smile,

un explosion of fun and positive acting, in just a few seconds…

and her absolut love of taking selfies and all kind of pictures, a paradise land of photographers:

the art of being a japonese lady

please click on the pictures below to see the slide show…

we went to kyoto, tokio, osaka, hiroshima and nagoya…the point of departure was the young “geisha” girl, 17 years old, she start practice the art of being a “geisha”,

thousands of occidental memories are about this mystery, but all these other japonese ladies, aren’t they also a part of mystery?

first of all: quietness, calme and her absolut self-control, all the time. we couldn’t handle it !!

can you make “the line” all year, everyday? in the métro, the stairs, everywhere???

there is no place of imagination, no place for liberty…

but in the evening, the night they become so different…!!!

also those “manga style” everywhere:

on the walls, newspapers, publicity makes us feeling that from the beginning of her education and all life long they are prisoners of those way of thinking…

the art of hairdressing, colors everywhere and on the other side the presence of all kind of uniforms- same same everywhere…

perhaps i have to go back to understand –;)))

all pictures by albi with leica q and nikon d5, thanks a lot to fred and phillipe from voyage passion photo, the trip was just amazing…

thanks for reading and look to my post about the art of being a japonese lady

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