look at the boys from ethiopia!

look at the boys from ethiopia! no, not only ladies and kids are interesting and beautiful in ethiopia,

also boys, old or young are beautiful and proud to be:

short stop on the road to omo valley

please click on the pictures below to see the slide show…

well, you will ask yourself about the arms, infact we are in the middle of nowhere, almost at the eddge of the world, there are no doors, no police, no help 25 km around in the place we have been, they have their family and the animals as they are farmer, so i can understand and approuve this way of living, the bull jump where you can see the young boy jumping naked over the bulls: he went 5 times over the bulls, after he can chose a girl for the wedding –;)))

another thing, another country, another world, travel means also open his mind and see other cultures…

thanks for visiting “pictures-by-albi” and see you soon with new pictures from china

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