visit paris with leica q

visit paris with leica q 

this time i will take you to the “houellebecq” expo, and also to the “beat generation”, and and and…

paris is full of art and expositions, montmartre is a “must see”  you can spend there two days, beaubourg and so on…

strolling in this city where i live is wonderful, but i only realise the magic of this place when i am out of paris:

working in paris is not taking part of this place, most people from paris even don’t have seen half of these places:

visit paris with leica q

please click on the pictures below to see the slide show…

visit paris with leica q
we are at bld kellermann, 13th arrt of paris, down south, graffity and a kind of exotic place..



bercy bridge paris 12ème with leica q
infront of la bnf, the big library is the “pont de bercy” a bridge and a place to feel the magic of paris…

house of serge gainsbourg, rue de verneuil, paris 6ème with leica q
saint germain and his rue de verneuil, serge gainsbourgs home, still a kind of pilgrim place of paris….

at "fondation louis vuitton" bois de boulogne with leica q
bois de boulogne, the green heart of paris has now his “fondation louis vuitton”, a beautiful building, modern art inside, more a monument for the architect but a place to see…


outside of the "palais de tokyo" with leica q
another place, close to the eiffel tower is the museum of modern art,


summertime at buttes-chaumont paris 19ème with leica q
summertime at “buttes chaumont”; 15 years ago almost a “no go place”, today the place to be, hipsters all around and “rosa bonheur” the gay place in town…


place de la concorde with leica q
at “place de la concorde you will find no more americans, french or russian, it’s a place of chinese tourists!


inside modern art expo at pompidou with leica q
pompidou museum always has excellent EXPOSITIONS, the “beat generation” this summer was just another thing to see, you can not see something like this anywhere else


montmartre street art with leica q
last place is montmartre, you can spend a day, but also more, this place is just paris, not more and not less….


thanks for strolling around my blog, as you see: paris is still something different, full of art and the smell of a changing city!

all pictures with my leica q, see you soon at my blog and thank for your visit !!

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