beautiful ethiopian ladies – by albi

beautiful ethiopian ladies: yes, they are, but today  i want to honor all ladies from the omo valley because they have the courage and the power to do the family, do the market, do the food, do all kind of things and still have a smile! and belive me: live isn’t that easy at this place! honor to all ethiopian ladies; they are all beautiful by their souls:

beautiful ethiopian ladies, and: beautiful eyes..

please click on the pictures below to see the slide show…

not only the beauty, but all their work, pain, kids and family and responsability we have to honor and give her the right equal place! we have one day in a year the “womens day”, i tell you it’s everyday !!

…hope you enjoyed my large picture show about the women in omo valley, beautiful they are, but also much more!

all pictures by albi with nikon d5, photo work shop with steve mccurry and better-moments from denmark, if you need a contact to travel to the omo valley i can send you a very nice adress of a tour operator who is just waiting to show you this lovely place in africa…see you soon for more pictures from ethiopia on this blog called pictures-by-albi

when you are from addis today, they tell you that this is beautiful...
beautiful ethiopian ladies

at the end of my slides i showed you this picture, seen on a wall in a omo village, inside of a local disco, this is ethopian ideal, showed by the newspapers and publicity in addis, this is the new ethiopian women ideal, a kind of bling-bling, me i prefer the natural face of ethiopia, down in the south in the country side…..what do you think?

see you soon with more pictures !  and thanks for your visit

ps: last week i met “Yann Arthus-Bertrand”, he works now on a film called “women” which you can see in about 2 years, he wants to give honor to all women on this planet and i agree !

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