kids from ethiopia – by albi

kids from ethiopia – by albi

an hour flight from addis ababa to arbaminch, 280 km drive to turmi, another 130 km drive to jinka and then you arrive at omo valley, many different tribes are living here, but any kind of tribes: kids, children and youngster are all the same; have a look:

kids from ethiopia by albi: hope he is laughing about the camera

please click on the pictures below to see the slide show…

all pictures with nikon d5, 28-70mm and 70-200mm both f/2,8.

yes, ethiopia is a very beautiful country with beautiful people, i always received a very warm welcome, most people “over look” the country, but for photography i can warmly recommand the country!

the canon camera on this pictures are from a journaliste from sweden who travels all over africa, he just gave his camera to the boy and we had a lot of fun!

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