windy week but nice colors in sardinia

windy week but nice colors in sardinia, welcome to a place where there is not so much to see, ok you have a nice sea and a nice blue sky, but to make interesting holidays you need more:

windy week but nice colors in sardinia

please click on the pictures below to see the slide show…

we went to sardinia in the low season, nobody in town, nobody on the beautiful beaches, ok: we realized: it was so windy that we even can’t put a towel down, so we …rent a car to explore sardinia. but there is almost nothing to see: the small towns are empty, there is no “old” (historic) building, you can’t stroll on the roads…..ok, you can by armani, dior or gucci clothes in porto cervo, but that’s it. i hope you have some fun with my colored pictures from sardinia, shoot with nikon d5 and mostly with the fab 24-70mm f/2,8

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  • Hello Albi,

    some of your shots are very interesting and very funny. You have also created very nice compositions and frames. Maybe you did not spend great vacation but you created nice shots.

    • Hi Amar, thanks for following my blog and for your compliments, yes sometimes with less you can make more nice pictures, the mind brings out the pictures and the composition…see you soon and have fun at the”dombs” with the “beginner team”
      best regards albi


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