germany – the art hall of mister heck – by albi

germany - the art hall of mister heck

welcome at the art hall of mister heck:

it’s called “kunsthalle antiquariat heck” a kind of art hall, a kind of everything; in france we will call it “bric et broc”

i have been in august 2014…… in france everybody is at this time on the beach, france is sleeping, everything is closed, but if you take the “autobahn” millions of trucks move the products who are produced in the same time as french production just stops…germany never sleeps…like the kunsthalle: open in august!

and in this place, like the village of asterix, i found someone who make something different, like a trip to another time, no new products, no technic, no high class finish: far away from computer or high tech: we are back to the roots in a place of 3000 m2; mister heck (thomas) speaks about history, books, people, art and culture…..

yes we are in this village of asterix, he fights for other things and i was happy to feel back in older times, taking a book and read, looking for an old small truck, or thinking how to fix this old picture in my living room….

please have look at my pictures taking with the nikon d4s without flash, just like you are:

all pictures with my nikon d4s and the fab 24-70mm f/2.8…..

but we have to think why the germans are move, produce and constructions are going on, while the rest of europe is sleeping, sitting on the beach and cry about the politics….

i propose to all theese persons: take the autobahn from munich to stuttgart, look around and see:

it is possible!!

thanks to thomas and good look to your asterix village, defend the old way which we miss now;

a very nice place with a lot of nice things…

72144 Dusslingen; between Stuttgat, some km after Tübingen, close to the black forest…

more information at:

thanks for you visit and sorry if my english isn’t that perfect —;)))


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