xi’an: the terracotta soldiers – by albi

a 2 1/2  hour flight from guangzhou there are the terracotta soldiers, don’t forget: 1 h from the airport to xi’an and another hour from xi’an to the soldiers… not just a little visit, xi’an is 6 million people, dust and smog and a lot of cars and more appartements in construction that i ever have seen in my live; but back to the soldiers: the light is bad, everything is inside of three halls, all pictures handhold; remember that all soldiers (over 6 000 in the first hall) are all different:

please click on the pictures below to see the slide show…

found like this in 1974 they are still working on place… this is another hall with almost no light….. all soldiers are about 1m 80 tall; they are still working on this place, I think they will have for more than 25 years long… but in china  everything is 10 times bigger… thank you for your visit; all pictures by albi with the d3x and the 28-300 af-s 3.5/5.6 g…… …and a big thank you to my best friends: my chinese friends !!

art, china, history, nikon, people, xi'an

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