berlin by albi (nikon d2x)

this is so strong !! berlin ! berlin what to see with pictures by albi

berlin by albi (nikon d2x),

i need 50 years of my live to go the first time to this city,

it’s not paris, it’s not london,

but: their is more movement, fresh and young inspiration,

and design !

please click on the pictures below to see the slide show…

a must go place, the wall with his designs and grafitis, honecker and brejniew (how to write those names ?) are just amazing, another time, twenty years passed and now the wall is down,

me i still call them “ostdeutsche”, now it’s me who is old, another time is coming, visit berlin to see the movement! germans are strong, this country and the people will work it out

berlin by albi (nikon d2x)

berlin, colors, germany, nikon, street art, travel

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